Chef at Your Door episode 10 - Roztocze
In this episode of „Chef At Your Door” we’ll visit an exceptional place – Roztocze. Roztocze National Park comprises 30 reservations preserving wild life, incredible gorges, and the Stone Forest, which is an area with unique landforms and silicified wood fragments which are even 500 hundred years old! The petrified wood became the geoturistic symbol of Roztocze region.

New cooking show in September on TVP1!

"Sąsiad na widelcu” (Chef At Your Door) is a program about cooking, which will suit the taste of the entire family. The host, Łukasz Grass (journalist actively practicing sport) will travel across the most beautiful parts of the Lublin region and try to find and convince two families (neighbors) to cook a dinner and dessert.

The host gives both teams two mandatory ingredients, one for the main course and the other one for dessert. Apart from these ingredients families can use all ingredients and products which are in their fridges. Families have only 90 minutes to cook their dishes.

You don’t have to be a master chef to participate in this program. Only you need if just a desire for adventure, bit of enthusiasm and willingness to spend 90 minutes in the kitchen with your family. You may ask for help any family member. Maybe your grandma, uncle and older sister have a secret recipe for the best regional dish hidden somewhere in a drawer and which you all will be proud of? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming for a long time of reproducing the forgotten taste of dishes from your childhood? Of course, families will be left alone in their struggles. They will be accompanied by excellent chefs - Ewa Olejniczak and Robert Sowa. It will be their task to learn family members few culinary tricks and help them to conjure dishes out of ingredients that they have in the fridge.

Prepared dishes will be tasted and evaluated by the jury. But there is nothing to fear about as the jury will consist of persons from the immediate neighborhood. And although the program is designed to be a competition between two families, there are no losers. In addition to the opportunity and joy of the time that the two families will spend on cooking together, everyone will win prizes. After the competition, both families will receive spices and kitchen accessories that will definitely be used in their kitchens for a long, long time.

The program can thus prove to be an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with family members, renew neighborhood relationships and rediscover many regional delicacies. And who knows, maybe once again we will appreciate the time spent on home cooking, a hanging out with family members, and discovering the charm of traditional Polish cuisine?

The program will definitely not lack new challenges, smile, and family warmth, and one day spent on cooking with your family will turn out to be an adventure that the whole family will cherish and talk about during subsequent Sunday family dinners.



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