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Saturday, 20:05
19 april 2014
The Battles continue!
Watch the second episode of The Battles! Saturday at 8.05 p.m. TVP2!
Love on „Dancing With The Stars. Taniec z Gwiazdami”
We’ve already had passionate kisses in the recent episode of the show so what will happen in the upcoming episode where love is the theme of the show?! Get prepare for a hot hot evening!
The Voice of Poland – It’s time for The Battles!
The Blind Auditions phase has come to an end. Now, it’s time for the battles. Who will be knocked out this time? Who will sing in an unforgettable duet? This Saturday we’ll find out who will be the first participants winning their music encounters in “The Voice of Poland” ring.
“The Voice of Poland” for Kate
Kasia Markiewicz came to “The Voice of Poland” because she dreamt of singing in front of our Coaches and she wanted to make her dream come true against all odds. Sadly, Kasia passed away March 23, following a long bout with cancer. TVP2 will broadcast a special concert in memory of Kasia who became a great inspiration among all people throughout the entire Poland.
“Dancing With The Stars” says goodbye to Karolina!
In the last episode of the show Karolina Szostak said goodbye to the Ballroom. “Thank you everyone for your votes. I didn’t realize I was liked by so many of you.” – with these words the journalist ended her adventure with "Dancing With The Stars. Taniec Z Gwiazdami". How will the remaining stars do in the next episode?
"Blind Auditions" are nearing the end!
It’s the last week of the “Blind Auditions”! Finally, the coaches will complete their teams.
Fourth episode of "Dancing With The Stars"
Katie Melua will be a special guest in the fourth episode of “Dancing With The Stars. Taniec z Gwiazdami” singing her hit song “Nine Million Bicycles”.

Justyna Steczkowska w "The Voice of Poland"

fot. I. Sobieszczuk

"Trenerzy nie są najważniejsi"

Emisja w każdą sobotę od 2 marca, o godz.20.05 na antenie TVP2.


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